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Fridge/ 27 Cu. Ft./ Black

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Samsung 27 Cu. Ft. Black Refrigerator.

Stock up and store all of your food in an orderly manner with a 27 cu. ft. storage space. SpaceMax Technology allows walls to be much thinner with highly efficient insulation. Thus, it allows for more storage space without increasing external dimensions or compromising energy efficiency.

Uses 50% less energy and runs longer. * DIT (ENERGY SAVING + DURABILITY) Enjoy greater energy efficiency, less noise, and long-lasting performance. The Digital Inverter compressor adjusts its speed according to the cooling demand. So it's quieter, consumes 50% less energy *, and offers 21-year durability

Perfect, harmonious and elegant design MODERN DESIGN Give your home an integrated look with style. Its premium modern styling is sleek and neat, but won't look inappropriate with your existing appliances and cabinets. Plus, it has beautiful flat doors with a minimalist dispenser and recessed handles that don't stick out or get in the way.

Keep your food always fresh, no matter where you put it ENVELOPE COOLING Make sure all your food is properly refrigerated, no matter where you put it in the refrigerator. A wraparound cooling system constantly checks the temperature and circulates fresh air through strategically placed vents. In this way, all foods stay fresher for longer.

Make more ice and get more storage space IN-HOUSE ICE MAKER Create more space to store more food, but still have enough ice with an internal ice maker. Because it's built into the door, it gives you additional storage space by freeing up freezer shelf space, but it can produce and store a lot of ice. Its clear plastic cover allows you to easily see how much ice is left.

Less wasted space, more room for food FLAT DUCT Get more space without compromising performance. Unlike conventional ducts, the cooling vent system on the rear wall is completely flat, reducing dead space and creating more space for storing food. Still, it cools and ventilates just as effectively, so everything stays fresh and tasty.

Rapid cooling and freezing on demand POWER COOL / POWER FREEZE Get fast cooling performance. At the touch of a button, Power Cool blows intensely cold air into the refrigerator to quickly chill your favorite foods or beverages. Plus, Power Freeze sends a quick blast of cool air into the freezer. It is ideal for freezing or firming frozen foods and making ice.


More Information
Brand Samsung
Model RS27T5200B1/AP
Warranty 12 months
Weight 0.000000
Colour Black
Fridge type Side by side
ENERGY STAR® qualified No
Number of doors 2
Door alarm Yes
Humidity crisper No
Ice dispenser Yes
LCD display No
Shelf for meat No
Shelf for fruit and vegetables No
Home bar No
Ice bar No
Led lighting No
Lock Yes
Interior light Yes
Shelves material Tempered glass
Number of shelves 4
Egg container No
Gallon door storage No
Frost free No

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